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Travel Management Solution

An Holistic System with seamless online booking, point of sales ticket app, trip management, e-manifest, sms notification and many more.


Seamless Online booking
and Trip Management

This enables you schedule trips, assign drivers, manage vehicles, view all trip transactions as well as allow clients have a seamless booking experience.


Voom Ticket

This is our point of sale ticket application, for sales persons to use on ground for offline bookings.This app syncs both the offline and online sales to avoid double booking.



This provides real-time data collation of all travelers, accurate data access of passengers per trip, send bulk sms to users, inform them of promos, send bulk emails etc.


SMS Notification

SMS Notification to alert incoming passengers that have booked online and their seat reservations.


Trans-loading Trip

Trans-loading trip feature provides you with the ability to merge trips of travellers whose destinations are along the routes of the final terminal.


Trans Grouping

Feature allows you create more trips thereby increasing your route by providing more route option for your travelers without the issue of sit clashing.


Terminal Management

Terminal Management allows you create terminals, assign routes to terminal and gain general access to all terminal transactions.


Route Management

Route Management helps you manage route activities, income generation from each route among many others.


Robust Search Filter

It’s a comprehensive search ability that helps you narrow down your search for trips, travellers, etc for faster and easier navigation.


Seamless Data Migration

Seamless Data Migration service that ensures all data from your previous system is integrated into our platform without any hitch.


Referral Features

Referral Features that allows travellers earn points based on their travel frequency and allows them get discounts as their points builds up.


Coupon Feature

Coupon feature allows you create coupons at any time you desire to promote sales and promo packages.


Driver Management

Driver Management Solution is a bonus feature in the booking management system that enables the following: Create driver profile, view driver travel history, assign drivers using our driver roaster algothrim based on driver recent activity to avoid drivers working long hours and get notifications before expiry of every driver’s licence or renewable documents.

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